Innovative Statistical Development Group

Based in Toronto, Canada


We are a diverse group of professionals with extensive background in project management, clinical research, healthcare, and information technology. Our clients rely on us to uncover the evidence needed to make business-critical decisions. Our services include:

  • data screening
  • statistical graphics
  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • Stata
  • R
  • Qualitative analysis using NVivo
  • Regression
  • Multivariate analysis (factor, PCA, cluster)
  • Categorical data analysis
  • Meta-analysis

Our Services

Throughout all stages of a Phase III/IV clinical trial, the services and expertise of statisticians are critical. We can help you in all areas of planning, executing, and publishing the results of your clinical trial:

  • Study design and sample size calculation
  • Statistical modeling
  • Statistical analysis plan
  • Data validation plan
  • Database design
  • Generation of randomization schedule for patient recruitment
  • Basic statistical training for study personnel
  • Data entry and verification
  • Providing investigators with statistical guidance and expertise
  • Working with investigators to ensure that publication requirements are met
  • Using software to refine data
  • Illustration using tables and figures

Our Team

Syed Imam

Consultant/Director (Biostatistics and Data Management)

  • MSc Statistics at the University of Karachi (Pakistan)
  • MSc in Biostatistics at the University of Toronto
  • Diploma in Data Management in Clinical Trials (Toronto)
  • Diploma, Computer Business Application Specialist (Toronto)

Syed Imam has worked as a Statistician, Biostatistician and Statistical Programmer in Asia, the Middle East, and North America, leveraging his expertise in the areas of health science and social science. In his previous roles, Syed has delivered optimal powering, sample sizes, study designs, and statistical analysis plans geared towards the desired endpoints of many clinical trials. He has also performed quality review of randomization methods and developed TLG for phase I/III clinical trials. Teams have created, maintained, and validated SAS programs under Syed's watchful eye. In addition to Syed's strength in planning clinical trials, he has also been invaluable at the site level, developing best practices and forms for collecting and verifying data. Using his programming skills, Syed has automated the process of generating and updating summary tables in SAS/ODS, SAS/MACRO, SQL, SAS/STAT, BASE, and SAS/GRAPH. Syed is well-versed in a vast array of statistical models and tests, and can identify complex relationships between variables. After the clinical trial is over, Syed will ensure that the outcomes and findings are clearly presented so conclusions and recommendations can be made.

Dr. A. Fatima, CCRP

  • MD (equiv.), University of Toronto
  • MSc, Clinical Research Administration, USA
  • Clinical Research Certification, School of Health Sciences (Toronto)
  • Oncology, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University (USA)
  • Certificate in Human Research Participants, National Institute of Health
  • Biostatistics, School of Health Sciences (Toronto)
  • MCPS, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (Pakistan)
  • Oncology, Melanoma and Living with Dementia: Impact on Individuals, Caregivers, Communities and Societies, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University (USA)
  • CVS & Endocrine Emergencies, Harvard Medical School (USA)
  • Global Health, Copenhagen University (Denmark)

Dr. Fatima has in-depth experience in medicine and clinical trials, from her time at Humber River Hospital in Toronto and Jinnah Hospital (JPMC) in Karachi. Outside the hospital setting, Dr. Fatima has also worked in CROs such as McKesson and XCeed Clinical (Kids Clinic) in Canada. She has served as a Clinical Research and Medical Professional, as well as Sub-Investigator. Dr. Fatima is an expert in data handling, managing the effective implementation and enhancement of technology and best practices for backup and restore procedures. She provides clinical guidance, strategy, and support for the development of new technologies, new products, extended product claims, and post-market clinical research and surveillance according to FDA and Health Canada. She fully meets the challenges in selecting appropriate research methods.

Syed Rizvi

Manager, IT and Administration

  • BBA and MBA in Marketing, Preston University (USA)
  • BBA, George Brown College (Toronto)
  • Certificate, Web Technologies, Graphics and Web, Everest College (Toronto)
  • Information System Security and Networking Systems and Diploma in Digital Photography, Durham College (Toronto)

Mr. Rizvi has an extensive experience in customer service and administration, as well as in Web application and IT sectors in Networking. He has proficiency in designing and preparing schedules, procedures, presentations and reports suitable for all levels of an organization. He is an expert in Adobe Creative cloud software and Web site maintenance. He develops, evaluates, and supports IT security solutions by creating cost-effective and secure computing environments that safeguard networked computer systems. He has formulated security policies and procedures to protect corporate information assets with legal, regulatory, and governance considerations in mind. Finally, Mr. Rizvi can help your organization detect various hacking and penetration attacks.


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